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How it works

1- Contact the Business


Send a message to the company that has what you need

2- Complete barter


Agree to an exchange of sugar (sugar is services, space, or products), and carry out your trade agreement

3- Safety first


Know that your transaction is secure with us



1- A studio has available time slots in conference rooms that they would like to trade or swap for some graphic design help with their website. Studio employee registers for free on BarterSugar online, creates a profile, and searches for graphic designers.


2- Graphic designer needs conference room space for upcoming webinars/presentations and will offer design work in return. Graphic designer responds in BarterSugar to the private barter negotiation started by the studio.


3- Both companies agree to exchange the conference room time for design work.

What Our Members Are Saying


No longer does lack of capital need to be a problem, because we can trade our talents (like teaching, marketing, and content creation) to get what we need without opening our wallets.

Ethan, Co-Founder, RealLife English.

How to Make a $100K a month – Bartering is part of the Formula

It brings a smile to our sugar cube faces, and a warm fuzzy feeling whenever we see famous business folks write about how bartering has helped their business advance. As fans of Neil Patel’s QuickSprout, we were overjoyed to not only learn how to make a $100,000 a month (well, sort of), but also that Neil bartered a camera in order to get higher quality photos, which has helped his business progress.